To find out more about thisbinding machine

To find out more about thisbinding machine, please keep reading. If the machine isn't under warrantyyou will end up buying a new machine since there are no parts availablefor this machine. The document separatorand auto-centering guide make this machine unique amongst its peers. A rotary control helps you open and closeyour binding combs, as well. Since the machinehas a manual punch and a punching capacity of 25 sheets, this isobviously not a good machine to use if you'll be Carton Production Line Suppliers producing a lot ofdocuments. You'll only be able to punchletter-sized documents, so if you need to punch documents of differentsizes, the CombBind C340 definitely isn't the machine for you. However, because of the price, themachine does have some limitations.00, so it's a prettyaffordable option for most offices.

This machine has a few brand new features that are designed to make thebinding process as quick and painless as possible.

Despite its drawbacks, the GBC CombBind C340 would be a good choice foroffices that bind occasionally and need a feature-rich plastic combbinding machine with a great punching capacity. Also, the rotary comb opener isn't as good as anold-fashioned comb opener. (Then again, you really only need this feature if you're workingwith custom-sized documents.

The GBC CombBind C340 plastic comb binding machine is a unit that wasdesigned for offices needing a fast and easy binding method. As an added bonus, the machine's handle isergonomically friendly, and can easily be used by both right- andleft-handed people. The handle can also be used to transport themachine and since the machine has a small footprint, it can be storedjust about anywhere. You canuse regular plastic combs with this machine, as well as GBC ZipBindspines.This machine is also affordable, so it's an obvious choice for peoplewho need a plastic comb binding machine. This machine hasseveral features that really make it stand out and it should makebinding easier for busy professionals. Theparts used in the comb opening mechanism are also not as durable as wewould like to see. First, the machine lacksdisengageable pins, so you won't be able to bind documents that arecustom-sized. This isalso true if you'd like a machine that has a depth of punch control. Thismachine can punch almost 25 sheets of paper at once (this is one of thelargest punching capacities available on a manual comb bindingmachine), and it binds documents that are up to 425 pages long. Those are typically easier to use, soinexperienced users may have some trouble with the rotary opener.The GBC CombBind C340 plastic comb bindingmachine is a relatively new product from the company, which still hasthe market cornered when it comes to binding machines. The first is a newpaper-centering system that, when combined with a vertical feedalignment, ensures you'll always accurately punch your paper. The machine also lacks an open throat, so you can't useit for legal or A4-size punching either.


The CombBind C340 retails for approximately $320. There'salso a paper separator that helps you figure out just how much paperyou can realistically punch so you won't wind up with poorly punchedpages or even a paper jam.Without this feature, you can't control the position of your document'sholes. If you aren't careful it might be possible to breakthe comb opener on this machine.)

There are two other drawbacks to the CombBind C340


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